Complex Inorganic Pigments (mixed metals oxide)
Premium coating (coil and extrusion coatings based fluorocarbon, silicon, polyester etc.)      where long term durability and stability are essentially required.
High temperature industrial coatings
Coloring for plastics including Enplas and vinyl siding.
Artist colors, glass and porelain enamels so on.

Anti-Corrosive Pigments, Stain Inhibitor
Polyester/Epoxy based thin film primer system for coil coatings and flash primer both
     chromated and non-chromated  based anti-corrosive pigments and Stain inhibitor for wood
     pretreatment products.

(http://www.chemtura.com )
Novel patented blocked isocyanate products, urethane prepolymers.
Automotive clear coat ; improve acid/yellowing resistance
Coil, Electro Deposition, Plastic coatings
Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer

Cadmium pigments, Metallic Stabilizer, Zinc compounds
Industrial coating (esp heat resistance), plastics, Glass enamel and artist color etc.
     where heat stability and high chroma is required.

Complementary line of Bismuth Vanadate yellow (C.I.pigment yellow 184)and its organic
      mixtrues as a lead free alternative
Solvent and water based industrial coating, powder coating, plastics, hard & soft PVC, pinting
      ink etc.

High quailty solvent dyes that provide excellent heat and light stability
Engineering Plastic (PC, PBT, PET, Nylon, Polysulfone) and other high temperature applications

High performance Non-Migration fluorescent pigment
PVC, Plastic, Ink, Crayons, Paint & Coatings
 Resistance to migration, bleeding, solvent, heat....and brilliant daylight fluorescent

StarLight- from the Shepherd Color Company
Silver coated glass flake
Astroflake - from Fukuda Metal Foil & Powder
Aluminium flake coated with different color layers
Geometric Pigment - Embosed & Metallized polyester
(hologram) chips with epoxy encapsulated.